Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Antique White Distressed Dresser

Another piece I fell in love with!  I love all the detailing and curves.  This piece screams character.  Oh, and those claw feet....

Mmmmm...Need I say more?

I kept the original hardware on this piece because it went so well with the dresser and the look I wanted.  I just painted them the same color and sealed them with a poly spray. 

This piece sold for $140.


  1. This looks GREAT! I really like your pictures, especially of the blue dresser header. Can you make the "Painted Parlor" text white? And your furniture is AWESOME. Seriously, so cute.

  2. can't figure it out!! Like I said, I'm a tard!

  3. You should add the "before" pictures as well. This dresser looks a lot like a set I used to have as a little girl. The handles are the same. I would love to find a piece like it some day!


  4. I'm going to put the before pics on I just wanted to quickly list SOME of the pieces I've already sold this summer. I love the handles too! I'll keep my eye out for more pieces like that for you!

  5. I have this piece here at home. It is the exact same one, same hardware and everything, it just has one more drawer on top. I want to make it the exact same way you have done this one, but I have sanded some of it down and the wood underneath the paint is very light colored. Did you stain the dresser darker to have the darker wood come through in the chipping?


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