Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turqoise Chest

I have been a busy bee this summer finding, repairing, and painting these adorable vintage pieces.  Here are SOME of my pieces that I've already sold to give you an idea of how much paint I haven't been able to wash off my hands all summer long! 

This dresser sold in 1 day for $120 on KSL.  It's the real thing with the old vintage drawer pulls and the four legs it sits on.  I really wanted to keep this piece....It's a good thing I don't have more space or I'd keep everything!!

Oh, I love those drawer pulls!!


  1. This is stunning! I am your newest follower. It will be fun to see what you are working on next Julie!

  2. I'm your biggest fan!! I'm flattered you're a 'follower' of my new little blog!


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