Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Decorative Pillows}

My very talented and wonderful sister helped me, when I say 'help' I mean she did it all basically, make these pillows covers.  They turned out so great!  In these pictures they have a more green undertone, they are actually more of a light blue. 

Actually my other sister, (I have 5!), made the bigger ruffled pillow case about a week ago for me.  Thank you Laura!  You're awesome too ;)  Why did I not learn how to sew?!

So we, hu-hmm (clear throat), Esther made these other three today.  The little ruffled pillow took the longest, after that it was clear sailing.  

Thank you Esty!  You're amazing! 


  1. You are welcome. They look darling on your bed. That was fun today. Lov ya! :)

  2. They are really cute, i really like the ruffley ones. nice sisters:)

  3. those are sweet! wish i had a sister to sew me pillows!! ; )


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