Sunday, May 22, 2011

{9 Drawer Beast}

After.  This is an incredibly well made (a.k.a. a BEAST to move) 9 drawer dresser by Bassett Furniture Co.  I gave it a fresh new coat of white and antiqued it in the corners and grooves with my trusty tobacco glaze.

It started out looking a little like this.  I was too lazy to put the drawers back in when I realized I needed to take a before shot.  Those drawers are HEAVY, ha hmm, 'well made'

 And what do ya know, it has a matching nightstand, bonus!

Cute little thing.

I had a bear of a time finding knobs for this piece.  It had some fantastic  wood knobs already on there but I decided to make things difficult by wanting something a little more vintagey.  I looked through my stash and tried desperately to make my antique clear glass knobs work.  The drawers were too thick for my screw to go all the way through and to be able to put a nut on, bummer.  I tried the next best thing, HD, to see if they had any longer screws, nope.  So then I bought a drill bit to make my holes bigger to fit the nut through the make a long story short that didn't work either.  So a trip to Hob Lob was in order.  (Their 50% knob sell ended in 2 hours, I HAD to go).  The ONLY knobs they had long enough they only had 12 in stock, I needed 15! 
So I had to mix-match.  Whew!  Sorry to bore you with my knob dilemma!!  Maybe I should have just kept the boring wood ones!

I love the detail of the two pillars along the sides.  The glaze showed up darker in these pictures than it really is.  It really doesn't look that 'dirty,' I promise ;)


  1. This is stunning! I love the knobs and what a bonus with the smaller side table. Amazing job :)

  2. This is beautiful! Great attention to detail.

  3. I used to work at Bassett & they have some heavy bugger furniture! These are great pieces.

  4. Hello Molly said we must say hi to someone who reads her blog so I am saying hi to you.I love what you do with your furniture.We cant get such nice stuff here without paying huge dollars for it.

  5. Where did you find that piece?....what a great find!
    It turned out so pretty!

  6. Wow! You put a lot of love into that piece and it really shows! Great job. Popping over from Molly's blog. I think I might stay a while and take a peek.
    Paulette at

  7. I love how they turned out! The details are so pretty!

  8. I just love these big chunky pieces, they always look so good in white! Great job with the glazing!

  9. Oh my goodness Julie, that is a beast! But now it's a beautiful beast! It has great details. And I sometimes have knob dilemmas too. You are doing nice work here and I'm following along now. Looking forward to seeing more!

  10. what a lovely piece of furniture. you're inspiring!


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