Monday, May 9, 2011

{My Desk Makeover}

Here is the 'after'

And here is the 'before'.   (Kind of sad looking, actually really sad looking).  I wouldn't have this desk in my room to begin with if I could help it, but small square footage = doubling room purposes.  I painted my desk black a few years ago....well I'm sick of black! Actually I'm just really sick of DUSTING black! Plus, I'm wanting a more beachy, light look in my home so Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee it is!

 The flowers don't get to stay on there, wish they could....the printer and more 'officey' stuff will take it's place.   I added that little decorative wood piece with some small finishing nails before I painted it black.  I wasn't too concerned about filling in all the nooks and crannys with white paint because I kinda liked the black showing through a little. 

Haha.  Do you see what's on my screen?    I didn't plan that, I promise ;).  I paired my desk with my daughter's nightstand chair.  So now I'm the lookout for a vintage antique chair to fill that space in her room. 

Up close look at the distressing.  Now I just have ONE more piece to finish my bedroom.  There aren't two pieces in my bedroom that are the same!  Most of it was free or second hand finds but with the same paint color, I try to make it feel cohesive.  And it usually works out pretty well.


    LOVE IT.

  2. Love the distressing. Nice work!!

  3. I really love how you freshened this up!

  4. I LOVE this desk!! The legs are awesome and you made it look adorable. I also love the new look of the blog. It's great and I love the direction you are going - keep it up!! JenT

  5. desk looks awesome... and your new blog look...totally awesome! ; )


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