Monday, July 25, 2011

{$10 Yard Sale Quilt}

This might be my favorite yard sale find, ever.   Saturday morning, while enjoying my usual routine of searching the classifieds on my iphone, in bed, I see a dresser that catches my eye. It's listed under 'antique yard sale' make a long story short, I was up in about 5 seconds wtih a low dose of adrenalin running through my blood.  Antiques for heavens sakes, who knows what treasures I would find! I had to go, the only problem was that it started in five minutes and I was a good 30 minutes away, not to mention the time it would take to make myself presentable.   I quickly called to see if the guy would hold the dresser for me, he said he would for 30 minutes.    That bought me a little bit of time.   Thank you Mr. Guy.

I went though everything spending over an hour.  I did get that dresser!  (Hopefully I'll have it done next week.  This week I'm working on my table and 6 chairs, it's a doozy).  So anyhoo, thank heavens I picked up my mom on the way, she kindly watched over my 'buy' pile to make sure no one took the items I had already claimed.  On my way out I decided to look in the linens one last time, I guess I hadn't spotted this quilt previously, but there she stood in her heavy, hand-made glory.  I asked Mr. Guy what size it was, he said a queen.  Then I asked how much.  $10 dollars, was his reply.  Taken.  Sold.  Snagged.  Claimed.  What ever you want to call it, it was mine!

 I brought it home, washed it on delicate and layed it out to dry, still thinking it was a queen.  My curiousity got the best of me and I decided to see if it would fit on my Cal King.  It did!  And. I'm. In. Love.

'Boo' wanted in on the action.

I love yard sales, it's a thrill to find something that you'd spend hundreds for somewhere else, for 10 bucks.   That's a meal and a half at Wendy's for crying outloud!!


  1. Ooh, the quilt is gorgeous! What a steal. Can't wait to see the dresser!

  2. Very pretty blanket! What a great deal, too!

  3. oh that is a beauty! i love it when you find yummy stuff like that in unexpected places and they only want $10!!
    just wondering if you were still planning on bringing your beautiful things to the marketplace?
    hope so.:D

  4. Love the soft blue and silver!! Your room looks so calm and comfy!! P.S. Thanks for the sweet made my day ;) XO

  5. Oooh aaahhh! You got a real bargain with this beauty! I never get so lucky in sales! I just love the intricate detailing!


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