Friday, September 2, 2011

{Grey Little Cupboard}

A sneek peak to ignite your imaginations.

What a beauty this was!  Just look at it's brassy hardware and orange tiger-striped wood. Oh, and don't forget it's beautiful floral liner in the background.  Okay I'm not that mean, it just needed some love.

And here he is after that little bit of love And yes, it is a he.  I painted him a soft grey that I had leftover from a wall in my home and a toned down mustard yellow for the 'chevron stripes.'  Now I quotationed 'chevron stripes' because that's what they're suppose to be.  It was my first attempt, (I'm embarassed to admit) at trying the infamous chevron stripe.

I know I could have done tighter zigzags but I kinda liked the looser look.  I didn't use any sort of pattern, maybe that was my first mistake.  I just used my trusty frog tape and lined it how I wanted  free hand.

   I do have to say I like my non-perfect stripes, they're one of a kind and have a beachy vibe to them.   

After some heavy distressing I sealed it with a clear wax. 

Another embarassing fact to admit.....I finally found Oil Rubbed Bronze spray at Wal-Mart.  I swear everytime I go there I can never find it!  Well today Wally World did not conquer me, I conquered it!!  As you can assume I used that darn spray and let me tell you, it was satisfying.

So there you have it, a few confessions and one little cupboard.


  1. This is very cute! I haven't attempted the chevron made it look great!

  2. aww cute! can you please let me know what kind of clear wax, and where you get it. I'm having such a hard time getting some :(
    thank you

  3. I seriously love this Julie!! I was just sitting down to do my FFF and had to put this on it!! I love every last detail of it! :)

  4. Oh the cuteness! :)

  5. Julie,
    She is soooo darn cute!!!


  6. so cute! I think the stripes look awesome! BTW, I can never find the oil rubbed bronze at Lowes, either! I'll have to head to Walmart! :)

  7. that is so fun and cute!!! and i am with you and kim on the ORB! argh!

  8. Incredibly CUTE!!! Looks 100 times better! The yellow stripes are something I never would have thought have doing, but it looks really good. Way to go!

  9. OOO, I love it! I am on a bit of a yellow kick as well! I love the light yellows. Any way, you'll never guess what I found!! I scored at a yard sale I can't wait to show it all off! Any way Ill be posting it soon and I can't wait to see what you think. :-) Hope your week is going well!


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