Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Stripedy-Dee Stripedy-Do}

I was inspired by a fabulously talented lady I met while surfing the classifieds for furniture.  She had a garage full of amazing vintage finds.  It turns out she was working on a plank coffee table and each plank was being painted a different color, brilliant!  It then hit me that I had a similar coffee table that needed a much needed facelift.  I wish I could give her credit BUT I can't find her business card, shoot!  I remember her first name is Dani, so if you're reading this, Thank You!

 Here's the table that needed the facelift.... agree?  I painted it red about 5 years ago when barn red was all the rage.  I was about to give this piece to DI (Goodwill) and am sooo glad I didn't!

I love this piece!  It's perfect for our newly re-arranged living room.

I need to apologize for not posting anything for a couple of weeks!  We've just finished our basement so I've had the daunting task shopping to fill the new space.  Hard stuff, I know.  It's SO nice to have a finished basement.  Five years of talking about it, six kids on top of each other, two bathrooms to share, and
it's. finally. done.  Can I hear a hallelujah


  1. This is awesome Julie!! I love it! Much better than the old barn red!! Love all the colors together!

  2. This turned out beautiful, kinda has a coastal feel now!! Great idea!!

  3. I love it! Too cute and perfect for your space.

  4. I have to comment, although I see this is an old blog that maybe you don't check on anymore. But I love what you did with this piece. I usually pass over chunky, boxy furniture and go for more interesting designs, but you really gave this table new life! Gorgeous and inspiring!


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