Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{Pink Bedroom Bench}

  Once again I forgot a before shot but if I could explain this piece in one word it would have been, tired.  Light dated wood and a faded cushion adorned this little number when I saw it, but I knew it had potential...infact it was exactly what I was looking for. 

Since finishing our basement my step-daughter's room has been pretty bare.  I've been on the hunt looking for pieces to fill her space (on a budget) so this $25 steal was perfect!

She loves anything zebra print so I picked up this plush blanket today at Ross for 13 buckaroos, and the rosie pillow was 8. 
 Not too shabby.


  1. HEART! Love it! I have decided to look for toy boxes for my children, you went and inspired me. My little girl's room is all girly garden, and my sons will be all if you see any wood toy boxes at all...will you SO Awesome and let me know? OH!! & thanks for checking out my wreath!


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