Monday, March 5, 2012

{Labor of Love}

I did have a 'before' picture of this dresser but it, as well as all my other projects, somehow got erased.  This dresser I will call my Labor of Love.  Sorry that the pictures aren't all that great.  It's in my son's room in the basement and as we all know, lighting isn't all that spectacular in the basement!  And P.S. don't mind the "Call of Duty" poster either please ;)

 So this is why it's called my Labor of Love.  The top on this was a bubbling peeling mess.  The only way around it was to scrape off the faux wood top....I know there is a name for it, can't think of it!  Help me out.  Laminate?

So after a couple weeks of scraping, I couldn't do it all in one day I had to let my blisters heal!  No joking.  It was finally ready for a fresh coat of paint and stain.  I wanted to stain the top to show off all my hard work.  Jeesh, I deserved it!  It turned out beautiful if I do say so myself.  It's an incredibly built dresser that'll last a lifetime.  Love this thing!

P.S. I hope to have more furniture projects to show you here coming up!!   I think it's starting to warm up enough to brave my garage!  Thanks for sticking it through the winter with me.  I appreciate all your kind comments and support!