Thursday, June 30, 2011

{My Dresser Makeover, Part II}

Okay, we'll try this again....I just finished this post and it somehow got an error and erased everything!  Bummer.  So here I go again.... this dresser is the second (and last) piece I inherited from my parent's old bedroom set.  It's about 50 years old.  My sister gave it to me about 7 months ago and it had been sitting in my garage ever since, well not anymore!!

It started out like this.  My sister had thrown away the knobs on it because she thought they were ugly, (can't blame her, they kinda were!), and put these individual pulls on, well these weren't floating my boat so I quickly went on the lookout for something that would work.  Well as luck would have it I found 6 oil rubbed bronze pulls at one the best stores known to man, Target, for 7 bucks!  Score!  (On that same outing I found a white ruffled shower curtain on clearnace for 8 bucks, the heavens opened and the angels sang, it was a beautiful day!)

So after filling in the holes, drilling new holes for my new awesome hardware, painting it white, distressing, and waxing, it looks like this.  I added some of my cool vintage glass knobs to give it some extra charm (and to match its companion I did in April).

Happy painting and project making!!  Thank you all who take the time to leave such sweet comments!  I'm almost to 150 followers, wahoo!  I should do a give away.........hmmm.

Monday, June 20, 2011

{A Little Pink}

I don't know if I'm getting tired of painting everything white, or if this little gal really did tell me she needed to be pink!  So I decided to follow along with her advice.  Here she is a little pink.

And her before....  I loved her simple lines and long, curvy legs.  I knew she would turn out great if I didn't completely botch her up in the process!  But the knobs had to go, especially the top two they were ugly.  I think they came straight from 1972.  (I saved the white porcelin ones to add to my stash for future projects.)

I stripped the stain on the top by hand with my handy 60 grit sandpaper.  My lovely sister has my electric sander. I just had to keep thinking of the extra calories I was burning, bonus!! No, it really wasn't that bad.

 A closer look at the distressing.

I changed the knobs to these pink glass flower ones.  I had them on hand and I think they're perfect.  Look at those legs, can I hear a whistle?? 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Antique Waterfall Dresser}

First, I need to apologize for not posting anything for 9 days!  Summer is crazy busy!  But..... 

We're in the process right now of doing this....I'm so excited, it's been a long time commin!!  I've HATED our front yard FOREVER!  I finally convinced the hubs to replace it.  I can't wait for the sod that's comming today!!!  If you look closely, my daughter is holding our new doggy, Boo.  One more reason summer has been crazy ;)

But I did manage to finish a dresser, whew!  As you know I am a sucker for waterfall anything!  So I HAD to get this.  I painted it Yarmouth Blue from Benjamin Moore and distressed it a bit.  I then added a glaze in the cracks and corners to 'dirty' it up a bit. 

I also added a harlequin pattern paper to line the drawers.  It just gives a bit more character and hopefully makes it sell a little quicker ;)

The knobs were gold and not my fav, so I painted them an off white color and added a bit of glaze to distress them.

I love the bottom on this one, haha....I'm not sure if that sounds good.  Her cute little curved detail adds just the right amount of charm.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Blogging at Type A!

Hello girls!  You can catch me over at Tammy's Type A today!  This is my first guest post experience so I'm pretty excited about it!  Hop on over to her blog to see some of my favorite Before and Afters!

This whole blogging world has been much more than I ever anticipated it would be!  I'm continually inspired by all of your talent and kindness.  So thank you for letting me tag along on your journey, and thank you for being kind enough to follow mine!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

{Dry Sink Basin}

Here is the 'after' on this cute little dry sink basin.  I guess to fully appreciate the after you'd need to see the 'before'.....

 Here she is in her dated, a little too dark and gloomy for my taste, look.  Plus those gold drawer pulls had to go!

I filled the drawer holes with a wood filler and drilled one new hole in the center to make room for my lovely vintage glass knobs.  I'll cry when I run out of those!  (I got 20 at an estate sale for $25 bucks!)

 I also attached a piece of fabric to give it a unique look.  A spray adhesive works really well.  Also just a quick tip, cut a piece of fabric that has a little extra on all sides, then use an exacto knife to get the exact cut around. 

 A closer look at the distressing. I painted this piece Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. That gallon has lasted a long time!!  

Happy Painting ya'll!