Monday, July 25, 2011

{$10 Yard Sale Quilt}

This might be my favorite yard sale find, ever.   Saturday morning, while enjoying my usual routine of searching the classifieds on my iphone, in bed, I see a dresser that catches my eye. It's listed under 'antique yard sale' make a long story short, I was up in about 5 seconds wtih a low dose of adrenalin running through my blood.  Antiques for heavens sakes, who knows what treasures I would find! I had to go, the only problem was that it started in five minutes and I was a good 30 minutes away, not to mention the time it would take to make myself presentable.   I quickly called to see if the guy would hold the dresser for me, he said he would for 30 minutes.    That bought me a little bit of time.   Thank you Mr. Guy.

I went though everything spending over an hour.  I did get that dresser!  (Hopefully I'll have it done next week.  This week I'm working on my table and 6 chairs, it's a doozy).  So anyhoo, thank heavens I picked up my mom on the way, she kindly watched over my 'buy' pile to make sure no one took the items I had already claimed.  On my way out I decided to look in the linens one last time, I guess I hadn't spotted this quilt previously, but there she stood in her heavy, hand-made glory.  I asked Mr. Guy what size it was, he said a queen.  Then I asked how much.  $10 dollars, was his reply.  Taken.  Sold.  Snagged.  Claimed.  What ever you want to call it, it was mine!

 I brought it home, washed it on delicate and layed it out to dry, still thinking it was a queen.  My curiousity got the best of me and I decided to see if it would fit on my Cal King.  It did!  And. I'm. In. Love.

'Boo' wanted in on the action.

I love yard sales, it's a thrill to find something that you'd spend hundreds for somewhere else, for 10 bucks.   That's a meal and a half at Wendy's for crying outloud!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Pink Queeny}

This is my latest finished piece, heavens knows I have a stack of 'unfinished' pieces sitting neglected in my garage right now...summer is just hard to get anything done!  I know, excuses, excuses.  So I'm happy to post this queen size frenchy headboard that took me all of two hours to complete!  I found it last week at DI, (utah's goodwill).  My hubby was with me and asked me in a questioning voice, 'Are you sure want that?'  'Yes', I assured him., gotta love em!

So this is what he saw, a very brown woody piece that didn't look all that great, maybe he just wasn't excited about hauling it throughout the store while I finished shopping.  Thank you Greggy!

I just loved all the decorative woodwork along the top, that's why I knew it was going to be beautiful, I hardly had to do a thing to it!

I painted it my favorite pale pink color, 'barely blush' by Glidden.  Just a FYI, Glidden paint is not my first choice in brands.  It's goopy and hard to work with.  When I run out I'll have Benjamin Moore color match it, then I'll have the best of two worlds.

This piece is available to purchase for $80 if you live in the SLC or Provo area.  Just click my email button if you're interested!

Friday, July 8, 2011

{A Little Blue}

I was feeling a little blue yesterday, so this color matched my mood perfectly ;).   I knew I needed to paint this piece a deeper color to try to hide all the dings and scratches, this poor little guy was beat up!

Here he is before.....and yes, it is a 'he'.   I don't know his history but he has seen his fare share of bored children engraving their names on his top and doggies chewing his sides.  After a good coat of wood filler and even a better amount of time sanding him down, he was ready to paint.

poor little man.

His top is smooth as a baby's bum....sorry, I just had to say that.  

I heavily distressed him to try to 'hide' all the dings that I couldn't fill, there were just too many!

I had to get rid of those knobs, they were beyond ugly.  So I filled in the holes and made way for some 'new' ones that I had in my stash.  Much better.

This post looks patriotic to me.  Red, White, and Blue. 

Happy late Independance Day!....the month of July symbolizes to me pride and patriotism to our country.  I'm so thankful to live here and enjoy our freedoms.  God Bless America!