Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{A Much Needed Paint Job}

I'm so bummed.  I somehow erased years worth of furniture pictures on my computer!  They were all in one folder and I must have accidently erased it!  Ugg.  If you want to see what the walls looked like before, click here.  They were lime green with holes all over.  To make a long story short, it needed some patching and freshening up badly

So that's what I did.  I painted it the same color as our newly finished downstairs.  I have plenty of paint leftover and free is always good!  I believe the color is called Chopstick.  It's light, airy, and looks so much better!!

 And those are my sweeties.  Love those girls.  Sorry I shoulda dusted the lamp base before I took the picture.  It's those kind of things you don't notice until you look at it close up.

I'm loving her room now.  Why didn't I do this sooner?  Oh wait, I  know why...I hate painting walls!  It's so time consuming and messy!!

 A close up of her roman shade from one of my favs, Target. 
18 bucks.  Can't beat it.


  1. Gorgeous!!! I love the color, what is the name of it? also the vanity is lovely.

  2. That wasn't green! Now MY daughter's room is green! As in NEON ;-)
    Love the soft new color, and so sorry about the pictures!

  3. That stinks you lost all your photos! Maybe you can try setting the computer back to it's settings from before you deleted the file and get them back? Love the new room color! It looks great with all your painted peices!

  4. it looks so pretty! that is so soft and suits her furniture beautifully!
    and that totally stinks about your pictures!!!! it happens though, and in the grand scheme of life, it's ok.

  5. So soft and pretty! And I hate painting walls too. Give me a piece of furniture any old day! Sorry about your pictures - ugg! Thanks for joining the party!

  6. Hi Julie, your newly painted room looks great. I like the light neutral background it gives for the furniture and cute accessories. I noticed the chandy because I'm getting one for my bedroom. It should arrive any day now. Hope it looks as cute as the one in this room. I would love it if you would show this at my Your Cozy Home Party today. I think lots of other ladies would like to grab a few ideas from what you have done. Come on over if you can!!-------- Shannon

  7. Thanks, Julie for adding this room to the party. I think it is a cute cozy room for your daughter. I'm sure she is proud of it. Again, thanks for supporting me and I hope you will come next week. Have a really good week!------ Shannon

  8. Julie I'm in awe of you! You are so incredibly talented! I can't wait to buy a house and have you decorate the whole thing for me!


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