Monday, December 19, 2011

{12 Crafty Days of Christmas}

Hello all you fabulous readers of mine.  Today I'm super excited to be guest posting at Lisa's Before Meets After.  She has been doing a series called The 12 Crafty Days of Christmas and she she was so kind to invite me.

 Here are just few Holiday pictures to wet your appetite.

Hope you make a visit to Lisa's 12 Crafty Days of Christmas!

Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{Wreath Makeover}

This wreath cost me a total of 3.47! 
(The cost of one can of Emerald Green spraypaint). 

 The wreath itself was given to me for...wait for it, wait for it, free.  I don't turn anything down that is free. ever.   My sweet friend was moving and didn't want to take it with her so I snatched it.  It once had vibrant green leaves with red berries adorning it, but that day had long passed.   

It waited patiently hanging on my wall for about 3 years for it's makeover.  Poor little dusty wreath. 

With Christmas right around the corner I thought I'd go for a Christmasy look.  I just spray painted it Emerald Green. That turned out pretty bright so I grabbed a can of ORB off my shelf and lightly sprayed over the top to tone it down.  Then I added some Christmas picks that I already had and stuck them in.  Easy Peesy.

 I love Christmas and I love cheap!  I am so inspired by all you bloggers out there who are so very talented at making things beautiful on a budget!  I just try to keep up with ya'll!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Gorgeous LDS Temple Pictures}

Many of you wonderful followers of mine probably don't know that I'm LDS....aka 'Mormon' ;).  My beautiful and extremely talented friend Haylie asked me to post a few gorgeous pictures she's featuring right now of our temple.  

You can learn everything you need to know about purchasing one of these beautiful canvas prints here!  I hear she has free shipping if you place your order before December 3rd!  

Simply beautiful.  Did I already mention how talented she is?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{Pink Bedroom Bench}

  Once again I forgot a before shot but if I could explain this piece in one word it would have been, tired.  Light dated wood and a faded cushion adorned this little number when I saw it, but I knew it had potential...infact it was exactly what I was looking for. 

Since finishing our basement my step-daughter's room has been pretty bare.  I've been on the hunt looking for pieces to fill her space (on a budget) so this $25 steal was perfect!

She loves anything zebra print so I picked up this plush blanket today at Ross for 13 buckaroos, and the rosie pillow was 8. 
 Not too shabby.

Friday, October 21, 2011

{Toy Chest}

This piece I picked up this morning, I got started on it right away because I knew exactly where it was going.  I needed toy storage downstairs.  I don't know about you, but I hate clutter and that includes toys.  I think I'm a little on the OCD side of life.

When I saw this piece online I thought it was much bigger so I had envisioned putting it in a different place in our newly finished basement, (I thought is a buffet table, silly me)..... so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it was a chest.  Yes!  I've been looking for one of these desperately.  I was even contemplating spending 250 bucks at TJMaxx for a large chest, if you know me that price is waaay outta my happy place.

  I'm so excited to get organized downstairs.  It's waaay cuter than any of the other chests I've been looking at online.  

I initially thought I could take off the hardware and spray paint it ORB, but those babies are glued on.  They're entirely just for show, the doors and drawers don't open.  So I had to do the second best thing, just paint them.  

Look at those fancy little feet.  Aw, I'm in love.

And a keyhole.  I don't have the key, but I don't think I'll be needing to lock my son's toys up anyway, unless he's really bad! ;)

So perfect for me, yay!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Stripedy-Dee Stripedy-Do}

I was inspired by a fabulously talented lady I met while surfing the classifieds for furniture.  She had a garage full of amazing vintage finds.  It turns out she was working on a plank coffee table and each plank was being painted a different color, brilliant!  It then hit me that I had a similar coffee table that needed a much needed facelift.  I wish I could give her credit BUT I can't find her business card, shoot!  I remember her first name is Dani, so if you're reading this, Thank You!

 Here's the table that needed the facelift.... agree?  I painted it red about 5 years ago when barn red was all the rage.  I was about to give this piece to DI (Goodwill) and am sooo glad I didn't!

I love this piece!  It's perfect for our newly re-arranged living room.

I need to apologize for not posting anything for a couple of weeks!  We've just finished our basement so I've had the daunting task shopping to fill the new space.  Hard stuff, I know.  It's SO nice to have a finished basement.  Five years of talking about it, six kids on top of each other, two bathrooms to share, and
it's. finally. done.  Can I hear a hallelujah

Sunday, September 25, 2011

{Coffee Filter Lampshade}

2 hours, 200 filters, and 3 burns later I have this HUGE frilly fabulous lampshade.  I asked my husband if he liked it, and his response was 'not really.'  I think he thought I bought it and that point I didn't care to clear the air and tell him that I just spent 2 hours on this thing!!  The funny thing is is that he never would have noticed.  Men.

 What really matters is that I like it, and I do.  It is kind of huge though. 

As for gaining the motivation to do 'his lamp' I'm not there yet.  That was a bugger! (He'd probably notice then.  He'd be like, 'what's all this stuff all over my lamp?')  I'm laughing just thinking about it.

I got the approval of my step daughter though.  She thought it was 'cool' and for that I am happy. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Master Bedroom Wall}

I have been wanting to repaint my bedroom wall for quite a while.  It's one of those things I look at and think, 'man I should really do that today,' but then something comes up or the thought of it makes me think 'ugh'.   Well yesterday I decided to just do it. 

Now you see why I needed to repaint it, it looked like crap!   I plastered it with a venetian plaster about 4 years ago.  It started to fade in weird places and to be quite honest, I'm tired of brown! I took this picture after I got started, I promise my bedroom isn't normally that messy!

 I love the color.  It's called Granite Boulder by Behr.

A much needed makeover.  I'm going to create coffee filter lamp shades next!  I'm on a roll thanks to all you fabulous bloggers out there who keep me inspired....(to copy)...hehe.

Monday, September 19, 2011

{Fallow Field Farm Marketplace}

I hope I don't bore you with my long photo roll, but I was invited to participate in a boutique (my first) this last Saturday, so I took a few pictures.....I hope you enjoy
These awesome canisters I purchased at a garage sale, straight from the 50's, well not literally straight from the 50's, a few decades later....hehe.  I did absolutely nothing to them, they were perfect and let me tell you they were a hit.  Everyone had to touch them and look inside and say how cool they were.  They were so cool infact that no one even looked at the bookshelf they were sitting on, (I still have it and decided I'm going to keep it!) 


So there's the whole set up.  Thank you to my sister in law and brother for helping me!  You guys are awesome!!

My two helpers who were going to 'stick it out' all day....but got bored after about an hour.

Love, love, love this bugel/trumpet, I don't know what it's called I just know it's old and I love old.  It says 'US Regulations, Made in U.S.A.'  I'm pretty sure it's an old army blowhorn.  So cool

A sweet mustard yellow chair to brighten your day.  

 My fabulously talented friend Amy whipped up these signs and let me fill my space with them.  She's so sweet!

She also made me this banner, I told you she was talentedLove her.   It's so adorable, this picture doesn't do it justice.

Well it's official, I have my own business cards now...I feel all growned up, ;)