Sunday, September 25, 2011

{Coffee Filter Lampshade}

2 hours, 200 filters, and 3 burns later I have this HUGE frilly fabulous lampshade.  I asked my husband if he liked it, and his response was 'not really.'  I think he thought I bought it and that point I didn't care to clear the air and tell him that I just spent 2 hours on this thing!!  The funny thing is is that he never would have noticed.  Men.

 What really matters is that I like it, and I do.  It is kind of huge though. 

As for gaining the motivation to do 'his lamp' I'm not there yet.  That was a bugger! (He'd probably notice then.  He'd be like, 'what's all this stuff all over my lamp?')  I'm laughing just thinking about it.

I got the approval of my step daughter though.  She thought it was 'cool' and for that I am happy. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Master Bedroom Wall}

I have been wanting to repaint my bedroom wall for quite a while.  It's one of those things I look at and think, 'man I should really do that today,' but then something comes up or the thought of it makes me think 'ugh'.   Well yesterday I decided to just do it. 

Now you see why I needed to repaint it, it looked like crap!   I plastered it with a venetian plaster about 4 years ago.  It started to fade in weird places and to be quite honest, I'm tired of brown! I took this picture after I got started, I promise my bedroom isn't normally that messy!

 I love the color.  It's called Granite Boulder by Behr.

A much needed makeover.  I'm going to create coffee filter lamp shades next!  I'm on a roll thanks to all you fabulous bloggers out there who keep me inspired....(to copy)...hehe.

Monday, September 19, 2011

{Fallow Field Farm Marketplace}

I hope I don't bore you with my long photo roll, but I was invited to participate in a boutique (my first) this last Saturday, so I took a few pictures.....I hope you enjoy
These awesome canisters I purchased at a garage sale, straight from the 50's, well not literally straight from the 50's, a few decades later....hehe.  I did absolutely nothing to them, they were perfect and let me tell you they were a hit.  Everyone had to touch them and look inside and say how cool they were.  They were so cool infact that no one even looked at the bookshelf they were sitting on, (I still have it and decided I'm going to keep it!) 


So there's the whole set up.  Thank you to my sister in law and brother for helping me!  You guys are awesome!!

My two helpers who were going to 'stick it out' all day....but got bored after about an hour.

Love, love, love this bugel/trumpet, I don't know what it's called I just know it's old and I love old.  It says 'US Regulations, Made in U.S.A.'  I'm pretty sure it's an old army blowhorn.  So cool

A sweet mustard yellow chair to brighten your day.  

 My fabulously talented friend Amy whipped up these signs and let me fill my space with them.  She's so sweet!

She also made me this banner, I told you she was talentedLove her.   It's so adorable, this picture doesn't do it justice.

Well it's official, I have my own business cards now...I feel all growned up, ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Pink Vanity}

I found this piece at a garage sale this summer, one of the coolest garage sales I've been too.  The guy used to own an antique shop that went out of business.  I scored some awesome things, most of it I will be selling at Fallow Field Farms Marketplace Sept 17th!  
This piece is one of them.

It started like this.  A little dirty and a little sad if you ask me.  It wasn't meant to be black!  Didn't it know it was meant to be a little girl's primping table?  The nerve.


After painting it a very soft pink I distressed it to let the black show through.  I kept the original hardware and spray painted them oil rubbed bronze, love that stuff now that I finally found it!!

I originally thought I would put on an amazing awesome antique mirror that I got at the same garage sale, but I couldn't make it work, bummer!

Oh well, it still looks cute without it.....right?

For all you locals out there, I'd love to meet my blogging 'friends' in person!!  Come on over to Fallow Field Farms Sept 17th!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{Unlock My Window}

This fun little window I got at a garage sale about a month ago.  It had the words
"Flowers For Sale, $1 A Doz" written in white paint.  I kinda liked it and wondered if I should just keep it as is, but then my imagination got to the best of me and I decided to try something different


I sanded down some of the loose paint that was chipping off the sides and gave it a quick new coat of white.  I wanted to keep the heavily distressed look that it naturally had so I hardly did a thing to it! 


I needed to cover up the words on the screen so I painted it a very light coat of the same white. I didn't want it to be solid white, so this is what I ended up with. Kind of a grayish look.

As for the key, I looked up Graphics Fairy to see what cool (simple) designs she had.... (I'm no artist).
 I decided this key would probably be easy enough for me to handle.   So I enlarged it as much as I could be before I printed it on two papers.   I put the papers behind the screen and used a permanent marker to follow the lines and color it in. 

It's not perfect, but that's what makes it 'handmade.'  I'll be selling this as well as other 'handmade' treasures at Fallow Field Farms on September 17th.  I hope to see all you locals there!!

Fallow Field Farm


Friday, September 2, 2011

{Grey Little Cupboard}

A sneek peak to ignite your imaginations.

What a beauty this was!  Just look at it's brassy hardware and orange tiger-striped wood. Oh, and don't forget it's beautiful floral liner in the background.  Okay I'm not that mean, it just needed some love.

And here he is after that little bit of love And yes, it is a he.  I painted him a soft grey that I had leftover from a wall in my home and a toned down mustard yellow for the 'chevron stripes.'  Now I quotationed 'chevron stripes' because that's what they're suppose to be.  It was my first attempt, (I'm embarassed to admit) at trying the infamous chevron stripe.

I know I could have done tighter zigzags but I kinda liked the looser look.  I didn't use any sort of pattern, maybe that was my first mistake.  I just used my trusty frog tape and lined it how I wanted  free hand.

   I do have to say I like my non-perfect stripes, they're one of a kind and have a beachy vibe to them.   

After some heavy distressing I sealed it with a clear wax. 

Another embarassing fact to admit.....I finally found Oil Rubbed Bronze spray at Wal-Mart.  I swear everytime I go there I can never find it!  Well today Wally World did not conquer me, I conquered it!!  As you can assume I used that darn spray and let me tell you, it was satisfying.

So there you have it, a few confessions and one little cupboard.