Thursday, March 24, 2011

{Girls Bedroom Makeover}

Before...I really wanted to get rid of their bunkbeds, they weren't horrible, but I had an idea!

I've been storing these headboards and footboards downstairs for a few years now, they were mine and my sisters while we were in our teens.  My step-mom gave them to me because she knew that we'd probably need them eventually with how many kids we have!  It was one of those things that I always looked at but never knew if I should paint them because of their sentimental value.  Well I decided it was time.  Now my girls can create their OWN memories and actually ENJOY them, instead of them gathering dust in the basement.


I kept the same bedding, so it isn't a COMPLETE bedroom makeover.  Infact, I still need to repaint the walls....I'm not sure what color exactly. 

But it's cozy and girlie for now. 

I REALLY wanted the beds side by side with an adorable chair in between as their nighstand, I tried EVERY layout possible- a no go!  The room is just too small :(  So we formed an L shape, my daughter Lini pointed it out and said it was an L for her name.  It fits.


  1. So cute, I love it!! The bedding is adorable too. I love the white distressed headboards, so pretty!

  2. Thank you Erika! I think I'm addicted to re-arranging my home!

  3. These headboards are darling! I agree with your decision of getting rid of the bunkbeds.

  4. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by. Seems like we have identical interests and I love your makeovers. I have this same headboard in my bedroom in a queen size and have been procrastinating on painting it, but actually seeing it done has given me some motivation. Thanks!



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