Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's too COLD outside.....

I have been WAY too cold to work in my garage this winter, so I've taken a little break.  But I'm itching for it to get warm so I can start working on the four dressers gathering dust in my garage.   My hands have never been so clean!  I've been asked by a few friends if I've done anything lately, my response is no.  I know I'm a whimp, but 7 degrees outside does not work for me!  So here are some pieces that I finished last summer/fall to fool you and me into thinking I've been a busy bee.

BEFORE.  I picked this piece up for $10 at a yard sale last summer.  It was in pretty bad shape.

AFTER.  I painted this a light blue and distressed the edges.  I added some rod iron handles I picked up at Hobby Lobby, love that store!! 

And of course drawer liner completes the finish look


  1. Its beautiful i love seeing before an after pictures, i so agree its to cold to work on projects in the winter months.

  2. I just found you and I love your blog. Great redo!


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