Monday, September 19, 2011

{Fallow Field Farm Marketplace}

I hope I don't bore you with my long photo roll, but I was invited to participate in a boutique (my first) this last Saturday, so I took a few pictures.....I hope you enjoy
These awesome canisters I purchased at a garage sale, straight from the 50's, well not literally straight from the 50's, a few decades later....hehe.  I did absolutely nothing to them, they were perfect and let me tell you they were a hit.  Everyone had to touch them and look inside and say how cool they were.  They were so cool infact that no one even looked at the bookshelf they were sitting on, (I still have it and decided I'm going to keep it!) 


So there's the whole set up.  Thank you to my sister in law and brother for helping me!  You guys are awesome!!

My two helpers who were going to 'stick it out' all day....but got bored after about an hour.

Love, love, love this bugel/trumpet, I don't know what it's called I just know it's old and I love old.  It says 'US Regulations, Made in U.S.A.'  I'm pretty sure it's an old army blowhorn.  So cool

A sweet mustard yellow chair to brighten your day.  

 My fabulously talented friend Amy whipped up these signs and let me fill my space with them.  She's so sweet!

She also made me this banner, I told you she was talentedLove her.   It's so adorable, this picture doesn't do it justice.

Well it's official, I have my own business cards now...I feel all growned up, ;)


  1. Everything looks lovely! How did you do? I want to do this someday but I need way more items completed first. I just bought myself business cards a few weeks ago and it makes you feel great doesn't it?

  2. Your booth looked great Julie!! How exciting! I especially love that yellow chair!

  3. Julie! I love all the colors in your booth! So happy and pretty! Your business cards are sweet, too! I visited amy's blog~ loved her things as well!

  4. It all turned out so great!!!! Your talent amazes me everyday!! Hope you had fun.

  5. AH! Your killing me! I would so pay for those canisters! Did you see my newest post? Blues and yellows are what I am going to do my kitchen in. Lucky lady! I have to say that your booth looked amazing, it was really cute.

  6. your booth was awesome julie! we appreciate all of your time and were an asset to the show for sure. still want those canisters...i love those things! thanks for coming and spending the day with us.:D


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