Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{Unlock My Window}

This fun little window I got at a garage sale about a month ago.  It had the words
"Flowers For Sale, $1 A Doz" written in white paint.  I kinda liked it and wondered if I should just keep it as is, but then my imagination got to the best of me and I decided to try something different


I sanded down some of the loose paint that was chipping off the sides and gave it a quick new coat of white.  I wanted to keep the heavily distressed look that it naturally had so I hardly did a thing to it! 


I needed to cover up the words on the screen so I painted it a very light coat of the same white. I didn't want it to be solid white, so this is what I ended up with. Kind of a grayish look.

As for the key, I looked up Graphics Fairy to see what cool (simple) designs she had.... (I'm no artist).
 I decided this key would probably be easy enough for me to handle.   So I enlarged it as much as I could be before I printed it on two papers.   I put the papers behind the screen and used a permanent marker to follow the lines and color it in. 

It's not perfect, but that's what makes it 'handmade.'  I'll be selling this as well as other 'handmade' treasures at Fallow Field Farms on September 17th.  I hope to see all you locals there!!

Fallow Field Farm



  1. This turned out really cute! I'm excited that you're going to do a show. I hope to be able to come and see your "wares!"

  2. I really like this... I've got a couple of old screens and now you've got me thinking!

  3. what a cute idea, it turned out so lovely!

  4. ok sweet lady...i need you to email me some pictures so that i can get them on the blog and facebook...i'd steal some but i would like to put your favorites on there.:D


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