Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Master Bedroom Wall}

I have been wanting to repaint my bedroom wall for quite a while.  It's one of those things I look at and think, 'man I should really do that today,' but then something comes up or the thought of it makes me think 'ugh'.   Well yesterday I decided to just do it. 

Now you see why I needed to repaint it, it looked like crap!   I plastered it with a venetian plaster about 4 years ago.  It started to fade in weird places and to be quite honest, I'm tired of brown! I took this picture after I got started, I promise my bedroom isn't normally that messy!

 I love the color.  It's called Granite Boulder by Behr.

A much needed makeover.  I'm going to create coffee filter lamp shades next!  I'm on a roll thanks to all you fabulous bloggers out there who keep me inspired....(to copy)...hehe.


  1. Wow! I love the color! Your headboard goes with it so nicely! My bedroom needs a new paint job also, even though i painted it 3 years ago. That's why paint it awesome.

  2. Julie, I found your blog over on DIYduo. I Love your gray Wall. I just painted my bedroom grey and LOVE it but when I went to paint my front room gray, it looks too blue certain times of the day. I'm totally going to give your granite boulder a try! Thanks!

  3. I just love your bed! I feel SO far behind, I need to start getting some of my things done. It looks awesome girly!

  4. The bed looks lovely! I am in love with color :)


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