Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old Chair Makeover

I recieved this old vintage chair from my dad....it was passed down from his mother-in-law....to make a long story short, it's old, a little wobbly, and definately needing some TLC.

This is my first attempt at reuphulstering, I think it turned out pretty darn cute!  I'm sure you'll gasp but take in a deep breath, (pause), I don't have a staple gun, so I used the next best thing- hot glue!  And I don't care!  I'm keeping this little thing cause once again, I fell in love.  No one will know but me ;)

I distressed the turqoise to give it that warn, been there awhile look.  Were using this little chair as a prop for our family pictures on Thursday, I'm crossing my fingers that they turn out....it's suppose to be a chilling 21 degrees.....sigh.


  1. so dang cute. okay will you help me find a little table? about 22 deep, 28 wide, table heighth. PLease................

  2. hey. are you slacking off? nothing new for a while. i know it is just too darn cold to do a thing!


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